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Featured Farm Investment Information

Investors’ best chance of achieving long-term returns will come from investing in real assets that can cash flow through all business cycles. Not only is farmland a real asset that cash flows, but it is in diminishing in supply around the world, and produces a product with a relatively inelastic and increasing global demand. Even gold cannot make that claim.... More Farm Investment Featured Articles Available for You to View.

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  • Is This Boom Different: Repeat of the 70-80’s?
  • What Lies Beyond the Horizon for Farm Incomes: KC Fed Ag Symposium
  • The future of water related articles
  • Farmland rental rates keep climbing
  • Don't Forget the Supply Side of Farmland

Featured Farm Investment Properties

  • Farm For Lease - Wyoming Muddy Creek Farm And Ranch

    Riverton, Wyoming

    The owner of the Muddy Creek Farm and Ranch is now accepting bids for a three year lease of the real estate property. Bids are to be submitted by February 15th, 2014. Scheduled inspection dates are January 28th and February 8th. Please contact John Stratman to schedule for those dates or another mutually convenient date.  View Farm Details »

  • Quintana Farm Pivot Irrigated San Luis Valley Colorado - Sold

    Alamosa, Colorado - $15,000,000

    Located 45 miles from Alamosa, Colorado in the southeast corner of the San Luis Valley. The farm consists of 4,565 total acres with 2,500 acres under pivot irrigation. 14 wells, pumping an average of 1,400 g.p.m. furnish water to 21 center pivots.  View Farm Details »

  • 15,892 Acres Of Dryland Farms - Sold

    Goodland, Kansas - SOLD AUCTION

    Absolute auction! 15,892 acres within a 20 mile radius with up to 50 complete bidding tracts consisting of excellent cropland in Northwest Kansas. The sale will be held in the City Limits Convention Center just off I-70 exit 53 in Colby, Kansas on December 2nd 2010. This land consists of quarters, half sections, sections and contiguous tracts up to 4 sections of land in one location. The “multi-parcel” technique of offering these tracts allows the bidders to buy a quarter or two, or any number of tracts in any desired combinations. The offering boasts some premier cropland that is excellent for wheat, corn, milo and sunflower production! There are excellent tenants in place on the property who are available to continue leasing. Goodland, Kansas Sale by Absolute Auction  View Farm Details »

  • Nebraska Irrigated Farm - Sold

    Gordon, Nebraska - $8,000,000 - SOLD

    A northern Nebraska 3,445 contiguous acres irrigated farmland with a small feedlot operation located south of Gordon, Nebraska in Sheridan County offered to a buyer looking for a profitable agricultural venture. The area holds an abundance of water resources, as it is located on top of the Ogallala Aquifer. This location is ideal to produce a multitude of crops from sugar beets, to potatoes to edible beans, to corn, or wheat with an in-demand market for any of these crops nearby. A Quality Nebraska farm for sale.  View Farm Details »