This farm has a history of good crop production. It is a well-drained sandy loam farm with a very adequate water supply that will support beans, corn, rice, wheat or cotton. It has three Valley pivots, including a 2,240 foot 11 tower Valley pivot system that irrigates approximately 362 acres. It has three ditches running through and around the property allowing for excellent drainage and Ray & Travis have made several grading improvements that will allow for rice to be grown. In 2014 we had 195 b/acre corn. All 1,272 acres are irrigated leaving only 37 for roads and ditches. There are 9 wells on the property; 6 are diesel, 3 are electric and 1 of those has phase 3 power. The farm has been improved by laser grading, and enhancing crowns.

Wheatley, Arkasas - $6,232,800
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